[Job Watch 4] RevComm テクニカルライター&ヘルプセンター制作担当※フルリモート可

This is a job I just found recently, but it was taken down pretty soon. (Duration for about 1 week)

RevComm is a software startup just get a renewed round of funding. It develops AI IP phone, which tracks and integrates with CRM. This sounds like a good selling point for big and traditional companies in market. In post covid era, people are getting used to reach out to clients with zoom, teams, google meet, or other VoIP services.


The question is, does the tech work as it claim to be? Let's see what the track of technological development. 


  • 2010 Whoscall (a Taiwanese company gogolook) was started. The idea is connecting to a crowd-voluntarily database that collect, detected and blocked reported phone no. by its users.
  • 2013 Whoscall is acquired by Line (Naver) and provides subscription service. It was sold years later by Line, but the business of whoscall has prospered in East Asia since then (2023). It has become an official partner for national police agencies in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand.
  • 2018 Google and other competitors released similar dialing app with built-in detection.
  • 2022 Oct. NTT releases the service to fight against fraud call. ("Ore ore" DX scheme., The "it's me" tricks to fool and pretend they are your long lost acquaintance )
  • 2023 March. NTT announces the free use of anti-fraud service for all of its tel service users. The service is integrated into infrastructure and suspicious call would be auto-detected, recorded, and reported to local police station.

Here's a citation from the 2022 news. Back then a dedicated hardware is required, but it is not required for 2023 due to SaaS infra improvement.

Tokyo, Oct. 11 (Jiji Press)--Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corp. has been in talks with prefectural police across Japan to promote the introduction of its service aimed at protecting people from so-called “ore ore sagi,” literally it’s me scams, by telephone. The service is designed to analyze phone conversations using artificial intelligence and warn people who have received suspicious calls, their families and neighbors automatically via phone or e-mail of the possibility of a fraud being committed.

NTT East aims to allow potential fraud targets to be put on alert early through the service involving digital transformation, or DX. For the service, a dedicated device will be attached to a home fixed phone set, and a cloud service will analyze a phone conversation using AI.

The service has already identified suspicious calls and led to the arrest of an “ukeko” receiver of swindled money.

[Copyright The Jiji Press, Ltd.]

 Lat week, I saw the 2023 youtube news from NTT and judged this is not fit for subscription model as a service for end users. So NTT chose a better option --- making it an value added feature for its infrastructure and business (B2B) so that it can distinguished itself from the world. 

From what I can assume, this tech is totally feasible and market acceptable, it's a combination of whoscall, recording and CRM for nowadays zoom and Voip services. Since recording of audio is not a built-in feature in Japan for B2B or B2C, it can be a boost for collecting meaningful data

I am a google meet business user so I know there are STT(speech to text) transcription and recording services available for paid accounts. This features is useful when working on business development and tracking customer relation and requirements.

In Taiwan, only xiaomi and ASUS have auto audio recording feature built-in. They built this in a hardware level with customized android kernel that meets Google's android policy. This is a C2C policy but benefits many ordinary users, and it didn't violate any local laws. For Taiwanese B2C services, all the recording system and regulations are built by enterprises themselves. They only have to notify the call will be recorded before customer service is provided. 

I have been a subscription user of whoscall for years, and also subscribed for my parents who have suffered from fraud calls too. It blocks and auto detect annoying fraud calls so I won't be interrupted while I am at work or at home.

I am surprised by the fact that some ideas are so well sold due to its feasibility, and the ease of understanding it from customers' end. Other business ideas are less popular not because of its lack of value or potential, but for the lack of immediate integration into customers' daily life and devices.

Anyway, I can see that the technical writer position in RevComm is more closed to selling and advertising its marketing value. It's also good to see the salary and JD being mentioned clearly, and people can judge by the prosperity by the size of the company is growing (192 employees).

(The description below is a copy from Job description.)




「コミュニケーションを再発明し 人が人を想う社会を創る」、それが私たちが挑戦していることです。直近では、AI × Voice × Cloudのソフトウェア/データベースの開発を行っており、法人向けサービス第一弾として、電話営業を可視化する音声解析AIを搭載したクラウドIP電話を提供。第二弾としてZoom連携のオンライン商談解析ツール「MiiTel for Zoom」の提供を開始しています。















■Web サービス、ソフトウェア、IT 基盤などに関連した無形サービス/プロダクトのヘルプページなど、サポートコンテンツのテクニカルライティング、制作、改修経験 3年以上







年収 450 ~ 700 万円







渋谷区渋谷1-3-9 ヒューリック渋谷一丁目ビル7階







JD for RevComm technical writer