Defects in my Fukuoka new house

This is my first week in Fukuoka, and I had found some issues with this newly built mansion. I am writing this down to show new residents where things can go wrong.

Air conditioner has dripping water issue

Not not the fin has condensation, the pipe may not have enough slope to make it flows out of the building.

Not enough slope so the water drips out


Sewage smell coming out of the washing machine base outlet

At first I thought it was the empty pipe, so I tighten the it with a newspaper. But the smell is terrible, so I bought PP bag and tape to seal the base. Then I found there is air being pumping up when the ventilation fan for bath room is on. Sometimes in the hot summer day or in the night, the toxic air is still being pumping up probably because of the air pressure. This shouldn't be happening if there's a standard design for U-shape water trap in the plumbing. Obviously the house is not that well designed.

the temp 結界(barrier) doesn't work...

This is not something can be resolved with PP bag and tape. Even if I had a machine machine for this, the sewage air will still come out from the base. I must solve this by contacting the property owner.