2014年12月17日 星期三

CA 1217 notes


1/14 paper交出

Vocabulary Teaching: the Methodology

[Title of the research]
From parts to whole: incorporating Gestalt theory into Vocabulary Teaching for 10th graders in PCSH.
This is a psychological experiment based on famous Gestalt theory. We wish to
[Lit. Review]

  • Pre-test (Selected 10 words from my test vocabulary)
  • Mid-test
  • Immediate Post-test (exact the same 10 words from pre-test. Do it again.)
Features of the research:
  • Words are highly grouped into semantic related domain. (to testify Gestalt theory) One under the domain of loneliness and suffering, the other under the domain of parachuting and military action.
  • Learners need to incorporate new words into their own existing schemata. 
  • balance the proportion of word classes. V/N = 20/50 = 2/5 = 0.4  Very close to the natural reading sequences in real setting.  (注意中英文中的詞類比例,看看差異)
  • the two articles selected could be incorporated into a larger theme (as in the final part of the test). I am trying to see if students know how to gestalt the new words by themselves by making up a new story that uses all the new words they just learned. This is a very helpful tricks in learning a language.

  • Projector, no test paper jiughyugytgf
  • A DSLR for video-recording the whole process

[Research Questions]

[Suggestions for future studies]

[Issues and Worth-noting Notes]:
Depth of vocabulary knowledge
  1. 9 aspects of word knowledge: tabl2 12.1 / pg 226
  2. This table could be useful if I wan tot building an otological labels/tags for my semantic web
  3. AS for the order of each part of the test, see table12.2 in pg 235
To avoid tester’s’ fatigue, there are two ways:
  1. ignore the fact that they’ll be tired since it does not matter a lot to the results
  2. Find more participants so that each of the participants only have to answer smaller portions of the questions.
A biased study would be like this:
  1. hypothesis
  2. you test something else, got some figures
  3. you did not explain the figures, but you concluded by your hyothesis

N = learned by onstential methods

V = leraned by non-ostential methods

Vocabulary Teaching V9


Please fill in the Chinese meaning of the English words below

(Just write the definitions you come up with first in your mind. Don’t worry about leaving blanks or wrong answers)

1 support  
2 convey  
3 prison  
4 cuddle  
5 depression  
6 belly  
7 helicopter  
8 ammo  
9 ambush  
10 skydive  

Material for teaching (exp/cont)

Heartline_Storyboard-2 F_storyboard_01

Comic 1.Tom’s story                                                                                                      Comic 2. The soldiers

Comic1: Tom’s Story

Tom was freed from the prison after 5 years of sentence. He moved to a new city. He lives alone and suffers from the depression of losing his job. He often feels alone and is surrounded by hopelessness. Some of his friends, for example, Susan, had noticed that something is wrong with Tom, but Susan is not sure how to reach out to him. Fortunately she found an app called heartline that would remind her to contact Tom. She adds Tom and some of their best friends. Periodically. the app would remind Susan and the others to check in on Tom. For example, when Susan was shopping. the app beeped and reminded her to check in with Tom. She immediately calls him, which makes Tom feel less disconnected and alone.  Gradually Tom truly feels he is loved by a support system, and he can not easily convey his happiness by words.

New Words to learn

depression 抑鬱,憂鬱
hopeless 沒有希望的,無望的
feel disconnecteed 感到疏離
be reminded of  (被)提醒
alone 孤單
suffer from 受苦
support system 支持的體系/系統
system 體系系統

convey 表達,傳達

prison 囚禁,監獄,牢房

be supressed (被)壓抑、壓制

surrounded (被)圍繞著

(Ready for another story? )

(OK. Let’s read it.)


Comic2: the soldiers

The team rolls out in the morning. Phill ponders and check on his ammo quietly. Ronald is calmly enjoying the sunlight through the window of the chopper. Tim suits up his boots. At the mean time, Eric, the captain,  tells everyone the intels to get ready for the ambush.

The 1,560 horse power dual-turbine engines roars, and the soldiers are in a line, ready for a leap. They dash out like bumblebees in attack. The sun glimmers behind their fellows, and the wind blows through their helmets like cold blades. As gravity pulls them down to earth, Eric signals his crew to spread out and ready for pulling their parachutes. “The warzone is never a safe place to stay! Keep your belly away from enemy’s bullets!”

And these are the last words they heard from Captain Eric.

New Words to learn
helmet 安全帽
belly 腹部,肚子
ambush 埋伏
helicopter 直昇機
chopper 直昇機(簡稱)
boots 靴子
clips 彈夾
ammo 彈藥
turbine 渦輪

skydive 跳傘
hover 盤旋

glimmer 閃亮

Material for testing

-Multiple choices-

1   John lives alone in the big city. He often feel _____ when he returns to his apartment.

(a) support (b) disconnected (c) connect (d) imitation

2   Last Saturday, Mary registered a fitness  ______  in nearby the gym.

(a) system (b) real-time (c) program (d)ambush

3   The hummingbirds ____ above the flowers.

(a) coach  (b)ambush  (c ) hover (d) parachute

4   The soldiers are preparing for a _______  from the plane. (a) sky-dive (b) real-time (c) belly (d)ambush
5   Mike checks on his ____ to see if his rifle is ready. (a) ammos (b) belt (c) boots (d) ambush
6   The rescue team used the _______ to take the injured soldiers to the hospital quickly. (a) sticker (b) hovercraft (c) hopeless (d)bind
7   The rescue team flew a _______ to save a pregnant woman from the mountain viliage to the nearest hospital to help her deliver her child. (a) pregnancy (b) helicopter (c) submarine (d) hammer
8   For the safety issues, our law regulates all riders to wear _____s when they are riding a motorcycle . (a) helmet (b) sock (c) shoe (d) depression
9   The sci-fi story depicts how a astronanut survives the ______ during his solo space-travel to Mars. 

(a) glittering (b) turbine (c) excitement (d) loneliness

10   There’s a _____ story about how a bullet wounded a soldier and made another poor woman behind him pregnant. 

(a) Civil War (b) turbine (c) excitement (d) loneliness

11   When the space shuttle tries to land, the pilot needs to pull the ________to slow it down. (a) turbine engines (b) trigger (c) excitement (d) parachute
12   In the airless space, there’s no material for sound to _____ the horror of the wounded astronaut. (a) convey (b) trigger (c) excite (d) parachute
13 In the stromy night, Rebecca gave birth to her first child Joseph secrely. He was ______ by the damp air of despair. The broken heart mother could do nothing but leave it in the barn house and left in a hurry. (a) surrounded (b) triggered (c) excited (d) parachuted
14   The sailors drifted on the sea for three days. The only thing they can ______ is the drifting log and their faith for survival.  (a) cling to (b) narrate (c) foundation (d) sitting upon
15   Each of us is an isolated island in first sight, but in fact, we are ________ each other in the bottom of the seabed. 

(a) connected to(b) contined with (c) contributed to  (d) composed of

16   With the help of Internet and newly developed softwares, people could share information instantly and cheaply. However, this doesn’t seem to benefit our interpersonal ________, but making a even colder society instead.

(a) being (b) scholarship (c) connected (d) relationship

17   The moon has different _______ meanings  in different cultures. (a) convey (b) symbolic (c) excite (d) parachute
18   A ______ mind is the worst sentence you will ever have in your life time. Don’t let the old, false ideas rule your mind. (a) convey (b) trigger (c) excite (d) prisoned
19   The legislators are voting for a new law to protect the overworked and underpaid reporters. They are the voices of the people, and the voice shall not be _______ by their employers, the capitalists. (a) conveyed (b) surpressed (c) excited (d) parachuted
20   The milkyway always _______ even when you can’t see it. (a) depicts (b) collapses (c) sends (d) glimmers

-Cloze test-

A new paradise for all people

Matt was hurt badly on his (1)____, and the only chance for him to survive is to find a hospital that will host him secretly. He went to a hospital and accidentally found his childhood playmate Holly, who now works as a nurse. She secretly heals him in her home and asks him what had happened to him. Matt explains that he needs to go up to the space station, “The Paradise,” where all the rich people and (2)______ live. Holly can hardly believe Matt’s crazy act, yet she wishes him could take her sick daughter with him.

But the killers have followed him by drones and (3)_____. Matt has to (4)_____ their (5)______. Holly and her daughter Moore were kidnapped by those agents. Matt and his partners have to save them. He carried enough (6)__________, preparing to (7)_______ the huge space (8)_____. The shuttle they take (9)_____ above the hopeless land – their broken hometown. Matt no longer (10)__________ to the other residents since he holds the key to save everyone on this planet. They don’t want to suffer from pollution and hunger anymore.

They did the (11)___________ in the base and crack doors, eventually find the (12)______ computer that controlls everything in The Paradise.

Before Matt presses the button to upload the data in his brain, he (13)_______ feels alone. He would be dead (14)_______ but he knows that he would live among the hearts of people who are (15)______ for becoming new citizens of The Paradise. With tears, he presses the button and frees the (16)______ people on Earth.

Provided items to be filled:
(A1) ambush
(A2) hovers
(A3) belly
(A4) survival
(B1) no longer
(B2) fight for
(B3) feel disconnected
(B4) ammos and clips
(C1) parachute-jumping
(C2) capitalists
(C3) supported
(C4) helicopters
(D1) slaved
(D2) terminal
(D3) colony
(D4) instantly


(OK, let’s check the answers!)

-Answers for tests above-

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Multiple-choices B C C A A B B A D A
M-cs(16-20) D A A A A D B D A D
Cloze A3 C2 C4 B2 A4 B4 A1 D3 A2 B3
Cloze (16-20) C1 D2 B1 D4 C3 D1    



Please fill in the Chinese meaning of the English words below (esp. the definition you learn from the lessons above)

1 support system 
2 narrate
3 confine
4 take care of
5 oppressive
6 chest
7 chopper
8 clips (N)
9 attack
10 parachute


(OK, thank you, folks. I will let you know what I’ve got in this test!)

A quick report for my current status

Since I can not attend the meeting tomorrow morning, I'd give you some of my current status report.

Work at gas station:

  • 5*4=20 hours of work in gas station for each week. (Not including extra hours spent on other regular work like cleaning and adding up cash)
  • Feeling Extremely Cold, even in the house. I doubt something was wrong with my body.
  • I wounded my knee and side waist badly because my scooter slipped on the iron lid on my way to work. I haven't fully recovered from the accident 2 weeks ago.
  • I need at least 8000 ntd for monthly survival.


  • I have little or no time for my study. This is terrible for anyone who cannot imagine how hard life is nowadays. I envy those who can get coverage from their parents or somewhere. But the way I chose to live represents the way I will experience in the future. I need to be indepedent from the control of finicial support when I am on my future studies. That means I have to find a way to balance my income/family and academic pursuing.
  • I'd tell you more if you ask me anything. I did do the blogging since the begining of this semester so you can see my diary clearly here.http://fall-cicada.blogspot.tw/
  • I am doing vocabulary teaching experiment in PCSH tomorrow. I expect a huge success there. This is intriguing esp. when I go back to the place fired my for no reason. Every policy and principal went on there seem to make the school even worse since I graduated. Now I know the reason, it's the bureaucracy.
  • I found my problem in giving presentation. I shall follow the clues of the writers, not my understanding on his work. I also found the reason of why I've been perceiveing things like this: some aspects of Asperger's syndrome are happening on me. But the lack of time to consume the material is the main reason. But trust me, I kept it as a Gestalt way of learning and it's useful in some cases. I just can't make it work all the times esp. when times are so hard now.

Health and family

  • After more than a decade of terrible suffering, My mom finally decided to have surgery to remove her womb - at the end of this year. I'd spend more time then.
  • My girl friend kept complaining why I am always so tired. She resigned her job as a programmer in April, 2014 and since then, she's been idleing at home. I guess she forgot how hard life is in reality. 

Other aspects of life:

  • I found the high school English materials developed by publishers are not that good. At least 60% of students can not benefit or learn from them. I got evidence and statics of proving this.
  • The workers in gas station are mostly malfunction in some way or live in poor family. Some of them are teenagers of 16 or 17. From their endurace and hard work I could tell if they're born in a wealthier family, they can achieve almost anything.

I need to work on my test material for tomorrow. It took me 40 mins to complete this letter, not such a good deal for a time and energy lacking person. But it's nice to let you know I am still alive, Prof. (wink)